State-of-the-art Stonehaven

Stonehaven began in 1998 when Hardy’s commenced construction of this state-of-the-art winemaking facility. The facility now includes over 12 million litres of tank storage and a 4,000 square metre temperature-controlled barrel store that can hold more than 10,000 barrels.

The winery is surrounded by 36 hectares of vineyards and features an architecturally designed cellar door set amongst towering red gums. C.W. Wines celebrated the purchase by immediately launching into the 2021 vintage.

480 Hectares

We manage 480 hectares.

16 Varietals

We grow 16 different grape varietals.

10 Regions

We source our fruit from 10 different regions.

9,000 Tonnes

Our wineries can process 9,000 tonnes.

13 Million

We have 13 million litres of storage capacity.

4,000 Barrels

We currently have 4,000 barrels in use.

🌐 Global Shipping

We ship to markets all over the world including Sweden, Denmark, UK, France, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Fiji, New Zealand and the United States.

A Great Future for Australian Wine

We continue to invest in Stonehaven Winery for the future, refining our viticultural and winemaking resources. We’re implementing the latest technologies to improve our efficiency and quality, while reducing our environmental impact.

From humble beginnings