About Ulithorne

Ulithorne produces small quantities of red wines from selected parcels of grapes from its estate vineyard in McLaren Vale, planted in 1950 by Bob Whiting. These rare and high-quality wines are crafted to always consider the fruit first – ensuring that the final wine celebrates all that is unique in the flavours and structure of the fruit taste, as it ripens in the vineyard.

True wine lovers will always seek out premium wine that reflects the singularity of its source.‍This is the philosophy that drives Ulithorne Wines.It is a philosophy free of the compromises that can come when winemaking. Everything comes back to the source.

Our measure of success is a wine that is true to its origins.Ulithorne Wines’ obsession with ‘the source’ has seen our winemakers travel globally, exploring in particular the Rhone region of France and its wines, but settling and establishing vineyards in South Australia’s McLaren Vale region. And while many are happy to simply see wine as a reflection of a ‘region’ such as McLaren Vale, at Ulithorne we look much deeper, acknowledging the concept of terroir, but applying it with meticulous individual attention.Our winemaking focuses more closely than on a region or even a parcel of land. It takes into account not merely aspect and climate but the very minutiae of terroir above ground and below. The understanding of the soil itself, as well as recognition of the subsoils and how the subtle rise and fall in the depth of this ancient stone under each piece of land influences each vine and its fruit.Considering the varying interplay of the seasons in relation to each area of the planting is also vital. In the prelude to every vintage, our winemakers take intimate knowledge of the vineyard and work with the influence of the weather literally every day, nurturing, tasting and orchestrating the timing of the hand-picking of small individual fruit parcels so that every detail of this labour has its presence in the glass.

Ulithorne Wines are the result of an exhaustive seasonal demonstration of respect for the land, the vines and the blessings bestowed on them by the hand of nature.While excellence is a constant, our wines change year by year with every variable, including the development of the vines themselves.

We will always make the best but we will never make ‘the same’; rather, wines whose flavor profiles speak clearly of a parcel of vines and its fruit captured and crafted during one unique season in its life. This season, next season, next decade…our wines tell a story that is always true to time and place.Ulithorne Wines philosophy of singularity leads to tiny batches of wine that can be hard to find, but is always eagerly sought by aficionados. We are confident that those who know and appreciate our wines share some of our own attributes – the willingness to take time, appreciate each tiny detail and value authenticity.

Ulithorne Wines