About Reschke

In addition to a cattle grazing heritage, Reschke's Bull Logo stands for quality without compromise. No expense nor effort is spared at any stage of the growing or winemaking process in producing excellence.​

Wines under the Reschke label began with impeccable credentials, and are currently holding their own in wine reviews against icon wines of Bordeaux. Wines branded with the Reschke bull have been and will continue to be of exceptional standard, true to the Reschke ethos.​​ The Reschke team are proud to bring the true essence of Coonawarra to the world.

The Reschke history and its close relationship with Coonawarra began in 1906 with the establishment of a prime Hereford stud in the heart of the region. It is this cattle grazing heritage that is reflected in the Reschke bull logo, and the names of the premium Reschke wines.​Reschke’s 400 acre vineyard consists primarily of the varietal that is famous as Coonawarra’s crown jewel; Cabernet Sauvignon.​Burke Reschke, the fourth generation in the family to work the land in Coonawarra, started to develop vineyards and grow grapes for other wineries on the Reschke estate in 1989. The resulting fruit was of such exceptional quality that it was in demand throughout the nineties and used in some of Australia's icon wines.

Reschke Wines